Come try Simnasium ---

Hey guys,

I've been given permission from your fearless leader here at RR to offer you guys a pretty cool (and free!) deal:  Come try a free team out at  It's a fantasy baseball game, where instead of drafting players that are currently striking hitters out or jacking three run homers, you draft a team of retired players - find out how George Brett would hit against Walter Johnson, or if Saberhagen would have confounded Joe DiMaggio.  It's a 9-week baseball simulation wherein your squad will play three games a day.  It's similiar to Diamond Legends or WhatIF Sports, but  the people in charge started the company with the purpose of making a game that's better.

We'll see if we can round up some enough interest to do a league of only RR guys, so you guys will have a common interest.  

If you are interested, read about the game at  Create a login ID, and email that ID name to me at  Once we get 12, I'll have your accounts credited with a free team credit and you'll be off and running.



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