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Game 77 Open Thread- Royals (25-51) at Reds (42-36)

The Pirates and Royals both lost last night, leaving the Worst Team Standings unchanged. While the Pirates blew a close game to the White Sox, the Royals slogged through a disspiriting and lifeless game against the Reds. Despite another John Buck homer, the Royals couldn't muster anything substantive on offense, all while Self Appointed Team Effort Inspector Scott Elarton allowed 3 homers and 6 runs.

I'm saddened to think what this outing may do to Elarton's All Star chances.

The Royals also mixed in six strikeouts and two men gunned down on the basepaths (yay Gathright!). The good news is that Buddy Bell gave Esteban German a pinch-hit at bat in the 8th, and he promptly doubled.

When you have as much offense as the Royals do, you can afford to leave a guy hitting .336/.430/.409 on the bench half the time. Especially when he can play any non-catcher position.

Tonight its the all important rubber game of the series, and the Royals turn to baby faced Zack Gre--- errr Bobby Keppel (0-4, 4.78 ERA) in his latest quest for his first Major League win. The Reds counter with Bronson Arroyo (9-4, 2.58 ERA) who's this year's Pitcher Randomly Having the Two Months of His Life candidate of choice. Brian Anderson and Sidney Ponson are standing by to hand him the award at the All Star Break. By the way, think of Arroyo the next time you hear a AM screamer doing a "the players are bums, they have no loyalty" rant... Arroyo signed for below market because he loved playing in Boston, and then the Red Sox traded him in part because of the value of his cheapness.

Lastly, check out "gophersw"'s Diary "Come Try Simnasium" on the sidebar. We're looking for 11 more players in a Royals Review historical fantasy league.

See you tonight.