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Game 53 Open Thread- Royals (13-39) at Mariners (24-32)

Our boys look to avoid loss #40 tonight in Seattle, in what promises to be one of the most memorable games of the season: Royals-Mariners, The Battle in Seattle!!. The Royals send Setherton (1-0, 1.80 ERA) to the mound for his second start as a Royal. Last week against Oakland Etherton pitched the game of his life, turning balls in play into outs for just long enough to avoid disaster in Oakland.

The Mariners counter with Joel Pineiro (4-5, 5.13 ERA) who apparently has been racking up decisions like a fiend. Pineiro is 3-0 in four games against the Royals lifetime, with a sparkling 1.57 ERA. Is it just me, or does it seem like this guy's been around forever? Does he have a career arch? I seem to remember that he was once seen as an up-and-coming guy, but this is probably because he had a good April and Jayson Stark devoted 1500 words to him or something. Who knows?

The interesting news is that apparently Royals Review Official All-Star Pick Mark Teahen is being called up to the big club again. This should really help his All-Star campaign gain some momentum. No doubt, no doubt. We should also see a Mike Wood turn or two in the rotation, which to my feeble mind is a very, very cool thing.

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Be sure to post your in-game comments here, should be a magical night of baseball on the West Coast. And don't forget to talk some smack over at Lookout Landing.