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Game 78 Open Thread- Royals (25-52) at Cardinals (43-34)

It is with sadness that I post this Open Thread, as the Jenn Sterger rant will be moved off the front page with the move. Ohh well, time to focus on what really matters: who in the hell Ozzie will choose as the Royals' All-Star, when Berroa will draw his next walk, or get an extra-base hit, and, this weekend, who's the King of Missouri baseball.

Well all know our roles for Royals-Cards by now, so there's no sense rehashing it (for now). Some people care, some people don't. The important thing is that the Royals keep winning, lest we need to start monitoring the "on this date" status of the 1962 Mets again.

Its Royal Scrapheap Ace Brandon Duckworth (1-1, 4.96 ERA) against Royal traitor Jeff Suppan (6-4, 5.09 ERA). I can't think of someone more utterly mediocre than Jeff Suppan. Hell, he's even from Oklahoma City to top it off.

Post your in-game comments here, I'm off to buy a bottle of wine while there's still time. Lastly, I think we're still taking people in the historical fantasy league, and the Berroa-haters should take notice of the post below this one.