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Royals 9, Mariners 4 (14-40)

Thanks to a decent performance by Mark Redman and an epic three-inning save by Elmer Dessens, the Royals trounced the M's 9-4 yesterday on Whitsunday. Redman (1-4, 6.80 ERA) wasn't great -- 5.2 IP: 8H, 4ER, 3BB and 1K -- but he endured long enough to see the Royals explode. Dessens' three-inning outing was even more curious, going perfecto and lowering his season ERA from 4.50 to 4.02. Might Elmer be creeping as the Royal All-Star choice??

The Royals scored two runs in four consecutive innings, which must be fairly difficult, even for a good offense. Such an output prompted Buddisimo to exclaim, ""Haven't had one of these in a while -- if at all". Exactly, my good Sir.

Of the happier news was the nice game by Mark Teahen, going 2-4 with a double, raising his season line to .200/.242/.353. Its the first time since May 3rd that Teahen has been over .200. Hurra!!! This is all part of Teahen's All-Star push. The window is open wide, especially since Arod is struggling with an injury. With some help from the fans, we can get Teahen to Pittsburgh!!!

Beyond MT, Grudz-Sanders-Brown carried the water, going a combined 6-12 with 4 RsBI, a walk, a homer and three runs scored. Well done everyone. Even John Buck pitched in with a homer, and Dougie Mientkiewicz slapped an awesome single in a pinch-hitting duty.

According to BP's Playoff Odds Report the Royals are headed to a 105 loss season yet. Factoring in PECOTA projections of the players involved however, its closer to 111 loses.

Lastly, your daily dose of fear:

Futility Watch- Through 54 Games:

2003 Tigers: 14-40
1962 Mets: 16-38
1941 Phillies: 17-37

2006 Royals: 14-40

For a little perspective, last year's Royals team was legitimately awful, going 56-106. Still,that team had 17 wins through 54 games (this was just after the post-Bell Hire Sweep of the Yankees).

We've got work to do.