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Royals Triumph in St. Louis (26-52)

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Thanks to the heroics of Royals Review All-Star choice Mark Teahen our western Missouri heroes rolled over those sissified wannabe East Coasters on the other side of the state. Having the Royals win last night was the greatest moment of my life.

Teahen tied the game in the 8th, and scored the winning run in the 10th, capping a 2-3 night in which Teahen got on base in 4 out of 5 chances. As far as I can remember, it was Teahen's first truly superlative game June 21 against the Pirates, when he also went 2-3 with a homer. Teahen also raised his OPS over .700 (.707) for the first time since June 23rd. Congrats Mark, its great to see you do well after struggling.

Thats a .252/.298/.409 season line Teahen's sporting now.

Lest we forget, whipping boy Angel Berroa also went 2-4, even mixing in a double for his first extra base hit in 81 at bats (if my math serves correctly). Heartiest of har hars to you Angel. Its almost enough to make my forget your error.


Do you think Buddy Bell has realized Esteban German is having his career year yet? It almost kills me to see this guy continue to do well (1-1 with another pinch-hit double last night). Sure, his performance is unsustainable and out of line with everything he's done before. See, this is when the Royals play him every day, benefit from his good fortune, then trade him to the Brewers/Pirates/Mariners for something potentially interesting...

Lastly, there's the continued good work coming from the bullpen, despite the Elmer-Burgos shakiness (Elbrioix Durgos?) to close the game. Elmer's season ERA is 4.19. I know there's nothing more than a C prospect (at best) for Elmer, but if Dayton Moore is worth his Bravest Way scouty-hype, then he needs to find a scrubbiny wasting away somewhere in the Sun Belt that no one else believes in but that ole Dayton just knows is gonna be an All-Star someday.

Or, we could keep Elmer around in our quest to win 63 (or really, 53) games, watch him turn into a 37 year old pumpkin next season, and wonder what went wrong. It doesn't matter to me.