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All-Star Game Open Thread: Mark Redman Takes on the National League

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A nation waits in giddy anticipation for the appearance of Mark Redman (6-4 5.27 ERA) and the rest of the All-Stars tonight in Pittsburgh. As a Royals fan, I will stand proudly in my living room and salute Redman when he is announced during the pre-game ceremonies, as well as when he (hopefully) takes the field.

Thousands of Royals fans will do the same. Thank you Bud Selig, and thank you Major League baseball. Our dreams are coming true watching one of our own (for 4 months) take the field in a blue "KC" hat.

Ozzie Guillen took the easy way out, and named noted really bad guy Kenny Rogers the starter, despite my protestations to the contrary. The good news is, this sets Redman up to pitch later in the game, which could allow him to grab the win, and possibly the Game's MVP award.

Be sure to post your in-game reactions here (Redman-related and otherwise). I know some of you are boycotting the game, but for those that aren't, I'd love to hear from you. Lastly, I recommend checking out Grudz's diary Top 20 Royal Prospects and voting for which Royal prospect we'll see with the big club first.

All Hail Mark Redman the Glorious All-Star! His 6-4 record, mid 5.00s ERA and incredibly low strikeout rates prove that anything is possible in this great country.