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Outrage in Pittsburgh: Guillen Stabs Redman in the Back

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What an insult, what a disgrace. Nearly 20 hours after the fact, I still can't accept what I saw last night. It still doesn't seem real. Surely, there's another inning to play, surely, instead of Johan Santana or B.J. Ryan, theres a scenario in which Ozzie makes the right choice, and brings All-Star Mark Redman into the game.

Ozzie Guillen insulted a generation of young Royals fans that were living and dying with Redman's appearance. He may not understand that now, but he will someday.

Because of the All-Star blues, I've been sick all day, not making it out of bed until around 3:00 PM. Still, we'll always have the memories of last night, the memories of how proud Mark made us all feel. Luckily, I shelled out the bucks for my Redman All-Star jersey:

Wear it proudly.

This story on the Royals official site gets it right, Mark Redman is an All-Star and you can't take that away from him.

As "AndrewMiller" pointed out in the comments last night, the rapper Redman is the perfect inspirational pregame choice for our Mark:

"Redman ready to rock
I got a glock
then, Pow!
Your body is all over the block."

Wonderful stuff.

As for the game itself, ehh. I'm glad the AL one I guess, though I can't say why. As Joe Sheehan and others are starting to point out, its a bit odd watching the game. The fact that it counts gets mentioned every half-inning, alongside random substitutions, bizarre lineups and players playing out of position. Its almost like insisting that it counts only highlights the silliness of the game. A silliness, by the way, that I'm 100% fine with. I'm just not sure why going all Darin Erstad on everything is somehow preferable, or morally superior.

Much more coming up on Royals Review in the next 24 hours. Its time to gather up our strength and get ready for another three months of Royals baseball!!