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Game 89 Open Thread- Royals (31-57) at Tigers (60-29)

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Its an All-Star matchup tonight in Detroit, as the Royals look to end a three-game losing streak.

After blowing a big lead last night, the last thing the Royals need is another loss. Luckily, they're facing Detroit's third or fourth best starter in Kenny Rogers (11-3, 3.85 ERA).

The Royals counter with the immortal All-Star Mark Redman (6-4, 5.27 ERA), who's riding a six decision winning streak. Redman allowed 3ER in 5.1 IP in his only start against the Tigers this season. Last night Bell rested Grudz & Minky, while moving DeJesus to third and Gathright to leadoff. I'm curious to see what he does tonight.

Lastly, I'm looking for suggestions for the Royals Review t-shirt, so if you have an idea, pass it along.