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Hurry Up and Wait

Whats worse: Sunday night or Monday morning? Tough to say I guess, an old philosophical matter regarding the question of anticipation of the negative versus the thing itself. This is one of the reasons I'm always slightly annoyed by the ESPN-serving "all Sunday games except one are day games" policy, especially when ESPN then moves up the only night game to a 6:05 EST start. I always like to think theres a game going on somewhere that I can watch/follow online. This, incidentally, is one of the beauties of College Football and to a lesser extent the NFL: endless coverage.

But more importantly, as we all know, the Royals grabbed victory #32 yesterday afternoon in Detroit, a crucial win considering a) the team was losing again and b) the matter of the upcoming series in Boston. Probably the two most likely results for the three-game set are Boston sweeps and Boston takes two-of-three. With the Pirates stuck at 32 wins, it was enjoyable to see the Royals keep pace.

Because of injuries, Buddisimo even found a way to get German into the lineup three times in Michigan.

Granted, the Royals made us nervous for awhile, turning a 9-3 game into a 9-6 one fairly quickly, but because of the foundation laid by the Team Effort Inspector (6.0 IP, 3ER) the Royals were able to get the win. Moreover, the Royals got a scoreless inning from Mac to end the game.

In less exciting news, Hochevar remains unsigned and the rhetoric from the Royals is creeping towards hardball/pityball. I know everyone is loath to sympathize with a petulant youngster (which is how they are always cast) and his greedy agent, especially when the greedy agent is also a famous one. Still, I can't help but see this as the latest variation on a theme of Royal Incompetence. The Royals had the #1 pick in the Draft, literally, they could have taken anyone. They knew who Hochevar's agent was, and they knew what he did the year before. Supposedly, the draft day spin-mill asserted that an agreement was already in place prior to the pick.

Seems to me like the Royals outsmarted themselves, figured they had leverage over Hochevar and could back him into a deal. Call it the Glass Law of Baseball: always look to cut costs.

But hey, Joey Gathright had a sweet game yesterday, and Buddy Bell seems to really have a knack for managing this team. No one else could get .352 ball from these guys. Plus, our most tradable commodity is probably headed to the DL, erasing his value.

I just love what Dayton Moore is doing with this team. What a brilliant approach; he's hired an old crony from his Atlanta days, traded away our fifth or sixth best pitching prospect and umm... started a blog sorta. Its like buying a crack house, giving your friend from college the garage apartment, breaking a few windows and laying down a new welcome mat.


Tee Shirts:

Yes, I'm still thinking about Royals Review T-shirt ideas. Decision-making isn't one of my strong points... The more I think about it however, the more it seems theres something to be said for having a relatively simple design (site logo on front, site address on back, maybe one more thing) and a simple slogan. Or, maybe no slogan at all. Obviously, something too cute or too negative could be taken the wrong way... Anyway, fire more suggestions at me if you've got 'em.