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Game 92 Open Thread- Royals (32-59) at Red Sox (54-36)

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The Royals invade Boston tonight, recreating with glee the old Loyalist Raids on the Rebels during the Revolutionary War. Among the stranger aspects of tonight's game and series, is the reunion angle with ex-GM Allard Baird, now a scout with the Red Sawks. If we don't see a "How Allard is Doing" column in the Star sometime in the next few days, I'll be shocked.

As we speak, the myth of martyred Allard is reaching epic proportions. Soon, schoolchildren will grow up reading about what might have been.

Baird, who spent 18 years in the Royals organization, said he roots for the players and manager Buddy Bell, whom he hired to direct the rebuilding effort in Kansas City. Unfortunately for Baird, owner David Glass has put few resources back into the organization, which often tied Baird's hands when he tried to sign draft picks or obtain players.

Baird, who was hired as the Kansas City GM in June of 2000, replacing Herk Robinson, was replaced by Braves assistant GM Dayton Moore, who is about to start selling off many of Baird's veteran acquisitions, such as Reggie Sanders, Matt Stairs, Mark Grudzielanek, and possibly even Mark Redman, an All-Star lefthanded starter.

But when Baird shows up at the park today, ``You can bet I'll be rooting for the Red Sox all the way."

Well thats nice.

Look, I'm sure working for Glass was fairly awful, and since last season, in this space and on various boards, blogs, email lists, etc. I echoed the sentiment that Baird's decisions, and un-decisions, were not totally his own. However, no GM has complete autonomy, in fact, can you name any non-ownership position, in really any field, where you don't answer to someone? Thats the rules of the game. Glass isn't the only bad owner in the sport, so you deal with it. Baird doesn't get a 100% free pass for the six years of failure he produced and oversaw.

Tonight's game features another start from Luke Hudson (2-3, 5.79 ERA). Why? Well, why not? At some point I'd love to see Runelyvs back with the big club, if only so that we can showcase him in a start or two and trade him for pennies on the undervalued Runelvys dollar. If J.P. Howell could land a lovable skamp like Joey Gathright, what could Run' fetch? Is Rey Sanchez still capable of playing short?

The Red Sox counter with Tim Wakefield (7-8, 4.05 ERA) and of course, clutch demiGod David Ortiz who I'm absolutely sick of hearing about. It should be an incredible game tonight, possibly life-changing. Post your comments here!