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Complete Defeat

I would bet you any sum of money that the Red Sox beat the Royals tonight. I have no doubt in my mind about it actually. Two close losses, followed by the 7-2 romp this afternoon at The Shrine as the Royals are swept aside and the sanctified holiness of the Red Sawks can live for another day. As Walter said in The Big Lebowski, I've never been so certain about something in my life.

Before we do our best to erase last night's game from our memory, let us pause and honor the effort put forth by Brandon Duckworth, Andy Sisco and A. Burgos who combined to allow only 6 hits and 2 walks in 8 innings of work.

I'm a bit chagrined that Bell chose to entrust a 1-0 game to his 5th and 3rd best relivers (I'm guessing) but it worked out OK as Sisco miraculously had a scoreless inning. Honestly, I think many of us felt Ducky had a good effort in him, but I'm stunned that Sisco-Burgos escaped unharmed.

And of course, thats what makes Boston 1, Royals 0 that much harder to take. We're back to losing games again (1-5 in the second half) with a depleted roster and more defections to come via the trade deadline.

Last night? I'd rather not think about it. Lets just let Boston sweep us, while wallowing in their self-importance and lets get out of town and move on. If Buddisimo doesn't want to defend his team's honor, I'm certainly not going to lose sleep over it.