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Game 94 Open Thread- Royals (32-61) at Red Sox (56-36)

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The Royals look to successfully leave Boston this afternoon, and thats about it. Frankly, a win today will be something along the lines of a free upgrade to first class.

All-Star Mark Redman (6-4, 5.38 ERA) takes the ball today for Buddy Bell and his loyal followers. The Red Sox counter with the rich and famous Josh Beckett (11-5, 5.12 ERA). Is he the one thats marries to Lisa Guererro? Or is that A.J. Burnett? As I've said before, I can never keep that little bit of trash culture straight.

Despite the game's Get-Away-Day status, the Royals are going with a non-scrub lineup. Actually, the question of whether the A-lineup in Bell's mind is any better than the B-lineup is a question for another day, but I like the 1-2 punch of DeJesus and German at the top of things. No Reggie Sanders again, hopefully this means he's boarding a plane to New York as we speak.