Just bite me....

After two 1-0 games.... and Buddy's pat answer of "I just don't know."  I just have had enough.  I know it won't matter...but, I posted the following on the fluff blog.  New stadium my foot.  10,000 fans are going to look as bad in the new stadium as they do in the present one.  Only, after this year there may be even less.  Here is my post....

I think the stadium looks great...too bad it will be and will remain empty. No one will come to watch the team we have now. Mr. Moore should think a little more about the bad feelings that have formed regarding this season and how many of us will want to fork over the money for season tickets next year. But, then again maybe that doesn't matter...because we are getting a new ballpark. Oh goody... we can have another 100 plus losing season in our new home.

I just finished watching (via computer) the Red Sox series. Do we have a hitting coach? We looked worse than a junior high baseball team with out a plan. I thought that maybe we had overcome our hitting problems of the first half. But they are back and at least in the last two series look to be worse than before.

We held the Red Sox to 7 runs in their ballpark and that is an achievement. But, the team looked lost at the plate. AND, I am really tired of hearing Buddy Bell's pat answer to everything "I just don't know." If he doesn't who does? Are we really getting our money's worth from him. Couldn't we just have a cardboard cutout with a recorder...that says..."I just don't know"...over and over again.

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