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Royals Plunge to New Depths (32-62)

Its good to get back to 30 games under .500, it gives me that warm feeling of familiarity that one gets after a long vacation. After a month of not making their fans feel horrible about themselves, the Royals of lore have returned.

The Royals are 1-6 since the All-Star Break, reverting back to the hopeless bunch we watched through April and May. Of those six losses the Royals have blown three four run leads and added in two consecutive 1-0 losses. Whats next? Losing a no-hitter thanks to errors and walks? Being no-hit? Blowing a ten-run lead? Really, the possibilities are endless.

The Royals haven't scored since the 6th inning of Monday's game against the Red Sox (the Big Papi steals a base how cute! game). Nothing like a 21 inning scoreless streak to reassert your impotence. Mark Teahen and Joey Gathright each struck out three times, and Emil Brown left five men on base, but truly, this was a team effort.

The Royals spent three games in Fenway and allowed seven runs, and lost all three games. I can't wait for Buddy's post-game comments, I'm sure he'll have nothing but answers. By the way, when was the last time this team, without hesitation, could be said to have a good approach at the plate? The mid-1980s? Clearly, I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Most heartbreakingly, All-Star Mark Redman pitched his game of the season, allowing just one run over eight innings, and striking out nine. Thats 9 Ks, if you missed it, which is as far as I can tell a Royal high this season. In fact, it might be the highest in many years. Redman's previous high this season was six, in a May 7th start against the White Sox.

If I was Dayton Moore, I'd break off from my standoff with Boras/Hochevar (over 40 days unsigned!!!) and make some inquiries regarding Redman, who has a shiny 5.02 ERA as we speak.

The Royals don't get any breaks from here, traveling home to face the Angels who are suddenly the hottest team in baseball.

Just for fun (or as close to "fun" as I can get right now):

Futility Watch Through 94 Games:

1962 Mets: 24-70
2003 Tigers: 26-68

2006 Royals: 32-62

Royal Pride!