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Game 80 Open Thread- Royals (27-52) at Cardinals (43-36)

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Well, have we pinched ourselves yet? Say what you want about the vivacity of the Cards-Royals "rivalry", but sweeping those Redbirds in the STL ranks fairly high on the pleasure principle. Somewhere between taking two of three from the Devil Rays and a night at cheerleader camp I suppose.

Have you noticed the Cardinals are inching close to .500?

Have you noticed the Royals are playing good baseball?

This afternoon its Mike Wood (3-2, 4.87 ERA) and his bag of generic stuff and a good pitching mind against Jason Marquis (9-6, 5.82 ERA) and his... his... well, whatever it is he does. He's a Cardinals starter, Mike Wood could be their #3 guy for goodness sake. But first, he's gotta bounce around for six more years, then get retreaded...

Post your in game comments here, and if you have any thoughts on how the Royals are winning, check the story below and post your thoughts.