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Mark Redman???? Open Thread

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Apparently ESPN is going to be announcing this in about 10 minutes. The more I think about it, the less I seem sure who'll be selected. Needless to say, Ozzie is, umm, quite the wildcard here.

The rumor last week was that it was coming down to Grudz or... or... or... Minky.

Umm, OK. With all the good first-basemen in the American League?



You would think guys like Emil Brown, Mark Teahen and Matt Stairs can't be defended in any way... but then again, none of these guys can.

Who will it be... this is legitimately fascinating.

Post your comments and reactions here.

Update [2006-7-2 19:28:0 by royalsreview]:

Mark Redman!!?!?!?!

once again...

Mark ------ Redman!?!?!?!!

Just stunning. 100% stunning.