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Game 98 Open Thread- Angels (49-48) at Royals (34-63)

The Royals wrap up matters with the Angels this afternoon, heading towards either an inspirational series victory, or a muddy-feeling split.

Last night, while I enjoyed Delaware, the Royals were blowing a 3-2 7th inning lead, ultimately falling in the 10th inning. The Royals wasted a semi-respectable start from Luke Hudson, as well as another scoreless inning from MacDougal. Ohh well, whats another 1-run loss at this point in the game?

Interestingly, the Royals welcomed Shane Costa back to the lineup for the first time since... since... June 13th against the Angels. Presumably a Costa-Gathright-DeJesus outfield is fairly decent fly catching trio. I have some reservations about the offensive output of that group, but considering the Royals refusal to field a decent OF/1B slugger anyway, we might as well have as much defense as possible.

Today its Brandon Duckworth (1-3, 4.78 ERA) on the mound, just removed from his best start of the season, a 1ER effort in 6.0 in Boston. The Angels send Jered Weaver (6-0, 1.12 ERA) to the bump. Time to get win #35.