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Game 100 Open Thread- Orioles (45-56) at Royals (35-64)

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I cannot believe this is the 100th game of the season tonight. I guess thats what happens when you play everyday, the games start piling up before you even notice it. The Royals sit at 35-64 through 99 games, seven wins behind the Devil Rays, who have played two additional games. The Pirates have pulled in 37 wins already, but have also played 103 games, leaving them only percentage points ahead of the Royals in the Worst Team Standings (.354 to .359). This is all very fascinating of course.

If you haven't checked out the discussion in the comments to the post below, you really should. There's alot of people who know alot about the Royals who are contributing to this site. Perhaps I have been a little hard on D-Moore as he begins his tenure...

Is Gobble or Runelyvs pitching tonight for the Royals? I've seen two Gobble references and a Runelyvs plug, so I'm not sure who to go with. Needless to say, the Orioles send Adam Loewen (0-2, 7.09 ERA) to the mound.

This should be an electrifying matchup that leaves us with memories to last a lifetime.

Lastly, this is fairly random, but I've just read two articles about baseball cards. I'm not sure how this ended up happening, but they're both alright. I prefer the Slate piece, since its hard to trust Caple when he's actually touring Topps. Ohh dear, actually has a third baseball card piece also up, by esteemed former Iowa PhD Eric Neel. This is quite strange.