B.O.D: Boyfriend of the Day July 25th

Mark Teahen! Mr. T had a fantastic night tonight, considering he was only 2 RBIs from tying the club's record for most RBIs in a single game. 5 RBIs from 2 home runs and a sac fly? That's practically screaming Boyfriend for Life.

If only I could be sandwiched between Sisco and Teahen...le sigh.

I'm tempted to give Berroa a smitten kitten...but thanks to him we might not be able to trade of Minky. Good work.

Boyfriend Count
Holy Child: 1
Gluemeister: 1
Minky: 1
All Star: 1
Mr. T: 1

Smitten Kitten Count
Bullroa: 1

Scrub Count
Bullroa: 2
Strike Out Coach: 1
Wellemeyer: 1

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