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Game 101 Open Thread- Orioles (46-56) at Royals (35-65)

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The Royals begin the final big stretch of games tonight -- the final 62 -- after clocking in at 35 wins through the season's first 100 games. Its not a great number, in fact, its horrible, but considering where we sat in early June, having 35 wins on July 27th seems mildly palatable. Like something along the lines of particularly well-made porridge or something.

The Royals send our boy Jimmy Gobble (3-3, 4.88 ERA) to the mound as they go for the series victory. As a starter this season, Gobble's been largely ineffective, especially in his last four starts (7.79 ERA) although he's certainly been unlucky regarding hits allowed. Its not normal even for a really bad pitcher to allow a batting average of .351, but as "Royals2nd" noted in the comments yesterday, Gobble seems to truly lack in "out-pitch".

The Orioles send the mysterious Rodrigo Lopez (6-11, 6.73 ERA) and his Royal-like ERA to the mound in defense of their pride. This should be a wildly entertaining game, and its possible that it will be dubbed by all an "Instant Classic".

Have those DVRs ready! First pitch at 7:10 CST.