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Game 102 Open Thread- Royals (35-66) at Rangers (51-51)

The Royals have really been behind the scheduling 8-ball this season, and tonight is no different. While about half of baseball had an off-day yesterday (including Texas) the Royals not only played, but then traveled south to play the Rangers.

So the team at home gets a night off, but the team coming into town played last night? Last night. I'm not writing chapter one of a massive anti-KC conspiracy theory here, but it just seems like poor organization on MLB's part. Unlike the New York to Oakland trip (or was it the other way around?) luckily the Royals didn't face a long flight south to Dallas.

Tonight the Royals begin their southern missionizing with a start from the illustrious Luke Hudson (2-3, 5.17 ERA). Now that Sisco's finally been sent down to Omaha, the Royals have established a clear precedent: after three months of bad baseball, we will demote you. As we all know, one of the key components of a capitalist system is the relationship between incentives and punishments, and the Royals are no different. Take that Cuba!

The Rangers counter with Vincente Padilla (10-6, 4.00 ERA) and his incredibly weird looking yahoo sports! mug shot. Padilla's had a bizarre off-the-field career, but he's worked out well for the Rangers thus far. I know we all like to be picky, but you don't look a 4.00 ERA at [insert corporate name here] Park/Ballpark/Field in Arlington in the mouth.

I am Padilla. I am programmed to destroy!

Lastly, the ball is rolling on the Royals Review t-shirts. No, powder blue just yet, that more expensive development may have to be part of the second generation, when we have a firmer idea on the market. The shirts as currently designed will have the site logo on the front, and "Still Loyal" and the web address on the back. If 90% of you hate that I may change it, but I really agonized over the shirts and eventually chose sincerity over snark. (It wasn't easy) Plus, most of the really funny shirts are illegal, because its not cool to use people's names without permission...

Dear Mr. Bell,
I'm designing a t-shirt...