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Carlos Lee Got Nothing on Us; Royals 11, Rangers 3 (36-66)

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The Texas Rangers thought that they would walk all over the lowly Kansas City Royals. They thought that the prime location of Arlington -- between Fort Worth and Dallas -- would allow a delirous crowd to fill the house that Buechele built and lead them onto victory. They expected that Buck Showalter would make all the right moves over Buddy Bell, this despite Bell's proven record as a .415 winner in the Major Leagues. They thought they would laugh in the face of the randomly existing Luke Hudson.

They were dead wrong.

(Have you noticed that we still say "dead wrong" in the US, but have lost other Britishicisms that use "dead". Think of Austin Powers saying "dead sexy". Typical I guess, we keep the over-the-top, incredibly serious and stage dramatic phrase, but would never say something like "she's dead pretty". Call it the Darin Erstad approach to life. Grit first, joy later.)

Last night was personal. It was a revenge game for Buddy Bell, who was only given 82 at bats by the 1989 Texas Rangers. They didn't trust Buddy. They gave up on him. Whats the one thing we all know: you never turn your back on David Gus Bell. Never.

The victory last night validated the human spirit, and made us all feel young again. Fathers and sons were brought together, daughters and random suitors they had never known were united. Children laughed again under a starless sky. For a brief moment, all was happy, happy love because a scrappy band of misfits proved that on that verdant plain between the chalk all men really are created equal and that nice guys do finish first.

Mark Teahen continues to affirm the power of the human spirit.

Mark Teahen, perhaps aided by the charms of a comely Royals fan at St. Mary's college continues to inspire us to have faith in the world. David DeJesus, as Hillary Swank said of Morgan Freeman once, continues to personify grace. And last but not least, little Andres Blanco showed that wishes really do come true, raising his slugging percentage to an oxygen-aided .333 and doing what many thought was simply not possible from a human being: he moved Joey Gathright out of the 9-hole.