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Game 103 Open Thread- Royals (36-66) at Rangers (51-52)

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I've been going back and forth all week on whether the AL West is very balanced or very medicore, although in truth those aren't exactly mutually exclusive terms. Certainly Texas, Oakland and LAA all have glaring flaws (I've ceded my attempt to understand the Mariners in any fashion) but I think their flaws are also magnified by constant exposure to one another.

No matter what, the Texas star didn't exactly shine last night, and now the Royals are playing with house money with two games remaining in Arlington (Yes, I consider any no-sweep result positive) and a real chance to frustrate the hell out of people. If the Rangers lose tonight, expect the folks at Lonestar Ball to start calling for Buck's head again.

Tonight the Royals send Jorge de la Rosa (2-2, 8.60 ERA) to the mound in his first start as a Royal. Hey, he's the pitching equivalent of Tony Graffanino apparently, which means he's Italian, lovable and prone to facial hair. Clearly, there's cause for glee here. Of course, like all in love, D-Moore looks at Jorge and sees through Rosa-colored glasses,

"He has three plus pitches. He's had command issues. I wouldn't classify him as wild, but more erratic. His pitches have a lot of movement, a lot of electricity."

The Rangers counter with semi-famous guy Kevin Millwood (10-6, 4.53 ERA). Millwood's been up-to-no-gooood at home this year, allowing a 6.24 ERA in Texas.

So if Moore likes de la Rosa with his 8.00 ERA, what must he think when he see's Millwood? Plainly, his thoughts aren't printable here.