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Rangers Striking Out Against Royals

Last night Jorge de la Rosa walked back to back men in the first inning. After that, he didn't walk a man, and finished with one of the more surprising Royal pitching lines of the season: 6.0 IP, 9Hs, 7Ks, 2BB, and 2ER. 7 strikeouts. This after a 7-K performance from Luke Hudson. This doesn't happen to us everyday.

If he never pitches again for the Royals the Tony Graffanino trade was worth it.

For some reason this "morning" I'm thinking more about the Rangers than the Royals though.

Instead of using this series as a springboard into increased grandeur, the Rangers have began in disastrous fashion against our Royals; blowing the first two games while the A's and Angels take on tough teams from the AL East. Its baffling really, that the Rangers have played so poorly in this situation. But then again, what we all know is that baseball simply isn't wired like other sports. An awful basketball or football team faces long odds for an upset, while two-straight losses is usually a sign that the team in question is mortally flawed and or overrated.

Perhaps though, Texas just isn't very good. The 51-53 record tells us more about that than the last 18 innings do. Still, the Rangers have a third-order winning percentage of .545, so its true they've played better than their record.


The Royals made three trades in 24 hours earlier this week, but have been silent since. Perhaps its the lowly nature of the Royals' product (why would Rosenthal spread Minky rumors?) but beyond a few off-hand Redman references, I haven't seen much regarding the Royals. I always love the trade deadline, but it often ends up as a letdown. I keep refreshing sites hoping to see something absurd like "Arod to Oakland", but nothing seems to happen. Heck, for all the perception we have in the Midwest that the Yankees are constantly buying players, they haven't made a memorable in-season trade since... since... what?

Here's one fan's request that we see some action today.