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Anything Brewing?


Well, not literally, I haven't heard crickets in a long time actually. Figuratively, yes. For the last 36 hours I've been checking the internet constantly, waiting to see "Mientkiewicz traded to Mariners" or "Redman traded to Boston for Bill James' Beard". After beginning the weekend (the end of the week really) with a bang, we've heard nothing from Dayton Moore. Is he trying to get the best value possible out of what little assets he has? Or are things just not working out?

Mark Grudzielanek
Doug Mientkiewicz
Matt Stairs (gone)
Reggie Sanders
Mark Redman
Jeremy Affeldt (gone)

Are these guys going anywhere?

The Belliard trade the Cardinals made is a killer, as I had hoped they'd make a second order of Grudz for the final 58 games. It didn't happen, and now we're left wondering... Perhaps Grudz ends up in Boston, as part of a multiple team deal after Mark Loretta is dealt. The Red Sox don't need Grudz, be he could be an able insurance policy should Dustin Pedroia not be ready.

Royals Authority hasn't given up on the Affeldt to Colorado or the various forms of the Angel Berroa rumors. I don't share the faith regarding Angel, but its nice to see someone does. Lee Warren at Royal Reflections notes that Elarton is probably done for the season, and that Sanders will be returning tonight. -----

We probably overstate these things, but Redman didn't exactly help his cause last night (3.0 IP, 6ER) as he put the Royals in a difficult situation early on. Worse still, Ducky made things worse, with a catastrophic 4th inning that made the last hour of the game not worth watching.

So much for sweeping the Rangers.



We're having major server problems... but hopefully we'll survive. Sites all over the internet are crashing, including sections of AOL-based stuff.

As you know the Royals have traded Matt Stairs to Texas for a minor league pitcher named Jose/Joselo Diaz... Typical Moore-move thus far (by the end of the season the 40-man roster will be all pitchers), as he flips a C-regular for a C-prospect of the throwing variety. I'm no fan of minor league closers, but whatever, it is what it is. Link to Diaz's recent stats in Oklahoma here. Its not like Stairs was pushing us towards a championship.

Thats all I've seen so far.


UPDATE 4:39 PM: The Craziness doesn't end with the deadline, it begins... Ryan Shealy rumors continue to swirl, but I haven't found anything definitive yet. This would be a major coup for Moore to grab a potential worthwhile player like Shealy, who has no placeto play in Colorado. Shealy stats here.


UPDATE 5:01 PM: KC STAR reports on the Shealy trade.

Rockies get: Affeldt, Bautista
Royals get: Ryan Shealy, Scott Dohmann

Shealy most of you know about, and could play first RIGHT NOW, while Dohmann is -- get this -- a minor league pitching prospect. I could give you his Rockies/Rox stats, but considering he's spent time in Denver and Colorado Springs, do you even want to see them?

Hard not to like this trade from Moore, although some have doubts about Shealy's upside. One last thing: here are Shealy's road stats this season for Colorado Springs- .298/.374/.532.