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Game 105 Open Thread- Sox (61-42) at Royals (37-67)

Wow. I'm as hardcore internet as you'll find, but my body is starting to break down after the last few hours online. Everything above my waist hurts...

Note on format: I know this is the Game Thread, but I'll also be updating this space with more trade info and links as they come in. Of course, the most important game on the planet is tonight's Royals-White Sox epic, and we'll all need a place to post in-game comments... so this is the place.


Onto the trades:

Trade Number 1: Royals-Rangers

Rangers get: Matt Stairs
Royals get: J. Diaz

Typical Moore-move thus far (by the end of the season the 40-man roster will be all pitchers), as he flips a C-regular for a C-prospect of the throwing variety. I'm no fan of minor league closers, but whatever, it is what it is. Link to Diaz's recent stats in Oklahoma here. Its not like Stairs was pushing us towards a championship.

For what its worth, there's some consternation amongst Ranger's fans on the Stairs' deal. I'm not sure how I'd feel either way: as a Stairs fan, I like to see him appreciated, but as a Royals fan, you want to see Moore getting over on people. Incidentally, all the anger seems to be over Stairs himself, no one appears upset over losing Diaz... sigh.

Trade Number 2: Royals-Rockies

Rockies get: Affeldt, Bautista
Royals get: Ryan Shealy, Scott Dohmann

A stunner. The only thing more surprising would have been the involvement of Angel Berroa that never quite panned out. Shealy stats here.

As I mentioned below, there's some debate on Shealy's long-term value or upside. Well, compared to Affeldt and Bautista, I'll take that chance. One last thing: here are Shealy's road stats this season for Colorado Springs- .298/.374/.532. Not exactly sure why Colorado would make this move, but Affeldt could theoretically help them this season. Even weirder is the throw in of Scott Dohmann, who's already 28. You can find his major league stats here. Was Dohmann thrown in at the Rockies or Royals request? Its hard to say. Perhaps Moore see's something...

For more on the Shealy-deal, check out "JQ"'s diary on the sidebar which includes a kabbalistic like ratings system. The result? A winning trade for the Royals. Meanwhile, Brandi Griffin who blogs on the Rockies at Purple likes the pickup of Bautista who "could develop into a mid-rotation starter". I don't know about that Brandi. And yet, many Rockies fans feel the same way if you scroll through their comments.

Hope springs eternal.