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Game 84 Open Thread- All Star Mark Redman Takes on Toronto (47-37)

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Mark Redman is an All Star, and no one can take that away from him. He's been awesome this season, easily one of the best 50 pitchers in the American League. If he throws a complete game shutout tonight, his ERA will be at 4.98 for the season. To the Redman haters I say, "How the hell can you argue with that?!?!"

Redman (5-4, 5.59 ERA) faces the mysterious Ty Taubenheim (1-4, 3.98). I'm not sure, but I think Ty Taubenheim was also a quirky character in a Wes Anderson movie, but I'm not sure. Either way, he's facing a Royals team that just can't stop winning, so obviously he has no chance tonight.

Are those really Reggie Sanders trade rumors I hear?? I don't quite see why he'd be sought after, although he did develop a nice little "he's alright" rep these last few seasons. You'd think there'd be a market for Grudz as well, but he may have killed it with his impotent June.

Did you know that the Royals are actually 17-21 at the K this season? Considering their overall record and talent level, that might mean that they've got one of the strongest home field advantages in baseball. This means that the Jackson County "renovations"/graft for Glass are either going to ruin the current K atmosphere, or make it stronger. Or, probably, have no effect at all.

Last night, inspired by the Royals glorious victory, we hit 137 comments in the game thread. How high can we go tonight? Also, be sure to check out "grudz69"'s poll on how often you post.