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Game 85- Open Thread- Jays (47-38) at Royals (30-54)

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Inspired by the epic performance of All-Star Mark Redman last night, the Royals look to grab their fourth straight win tonight at the K. The Royals have soared to 30 wins thanks to a month of .500 ball, and for the moment have put the 1962 Mets-comparisions to bed.

The Master Plan of the moment is to have 29 year old Luke Hudson (1-3, 7.24 ERA) move into the starting rotation while Mike Wood sits on the DL. Hudson's thrown 152 big league innings for a career ERA of 5.13, so make of things what you will. Who knows? He's a pitcher, and with this team everyone randomly gets a shot, until your just as randomly discarded. Where have you gone Bobby Keppel?

The Blue Jays counter with the rich and famous A.J. Burnett (1-2, 4.30 ERA). Is he the ex-Marlin that married to some well-known pretty girl? Or is that Beckett? I can't remember anymore.

I'm soliciting responses regarding the possibility of Royals Review T-Shirts in the diaries, so please share your thoughts. Happy Friday everyone, see you in the comments tonight.