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Royals 13, Jays 3 (31-54)

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This Royals team is quickly becoming difficult to write about. This morning, listening to Steely Dan and Joe Ely as I walked to the market for a soda (32 OZ), all I could think about was this:

The Royals left Anaheim on thursday June 15th with a 17-48 record. Since then, the Royals have gone 14-6. Here's the series breakdown:

@Houston: 2-1
Pittsburgh: 3-0
Milwaukee: 2-1
@Cincinnati: 1-2
@STL: 2-1
Minnesota: 2-1

And currently, the Royals have taken the first two games from the Blue Jays and own a 4 game winning streak. While the Royals have been eliminated from each and every one of BP's million simulated seasons for weeks, the Royals currently project to a 60-102 season, juuuust short of the well-known goal of only losing 99 games.

Last night was just another incredible victory, as the Royals turned a 3-1 6th inning lead into a 13-3 laugher. Beyond the offensive explosion -- 10 singles, 2 doubles, 2 homers and a triple -- the story of the night was the good work of Luke Hudson who lowered his ERA to 5.79 thanks to a 2 hits allowed performance and nine groundball outs.

Joey Gathright was on-base 4 times, and despite a caught stealing, raised his Royal line to .278/.409/.333 and his overall one to .216/.326/.258. Thats still an awful line, but at least he's trying to get on base, but damn, a .258 slugging percentage?

A dirty look from Buddy Bell awhile back.

What I've lost sight of in everything positive is that the 1,000th game managed by Buddy Bell went uncelebrated. Buddisimo's career record is 419-584, 74-122 as a Royal skipper. I hope to have a Buddy Bell honorariam up over the All-Star Break. He's such a great tactical mind, leader and source of wisdom, and he deserves a career retrospective.