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Game 86 Open Thread- Jays (47-39) at Royals (31-54)

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The Royals look to lock up another series victory, and their fifth straight win, tonight against the Blue Jays at the K. As "loyal2theroyals" pointed out in the comments earlier today, the Royals, like most of the American League, have had an incredible 20 days:

Here're the records for the past 20 days in the AL, in order from best to worst.

Red Sox: 16-4
Tigers: 15-5
Twins: 15-5
White Sox: 15-5
Royals: 14-6
Yankees: 12-8
Angels: 11-9
Devil Rays: 11-9
Mariners: 11-9
Athletics: 10-10
Blue Jays: 10-10
Indians: 9-11
Orioles: 9-11
Rangers: 9-11

Thanks to the amazing run of good play, the Royals have caught and passed the Pirates (30-58) and are closing in on the Cubs (32-54). Not being the worst team in the American League is going to be difficult, but not out of the question, considering Tampa's 38-49 record.

Tonight its Ted Lilly (8-8, 3.82 ERA) for the Jayz, who should look like a batting practive pitcher compared to A.J. Burnett last night. The Royals have entrusted tonight's game to the right arm of Self-Appointed Team Effort Inspector Scott Elarton (3-9, 5.13 ERA) and his imposing veteran presence. Elarton hasn't had the ERA under 5.00 in any month this season save April, and owns a 5.18 home ERA. Day, night, home, away, it doesn't matter, Elarton gives you a low 5.00 ERA... no better, no worse.

The game is just about 90 minutes away, and you can feel the anticipation building. It should be one of the most exciting, inspiring and memorable games of the season, and we will remember Royals-Jays Game Three for the rest of our lives. Be sure to post your in-game thoughts here, we hit 170 comments in last night's game thread...