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Game 87 Open Thread- Blue Jays (48-39) at Royals (31-55)

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A split, or three out of four; thats whats on the line for the Royals this afternoon as the 4-game set with the Blue Jays wraps up at the K. Last night, Elarton couldn't escape the 4th inning, but thanks to a random good appearance from Andy Sisco (7.23 ERA) the Royals hit the 7th inning tied 5-5. Well, it didn't last, as the Jays scored twice off Joel Peralta to grab the win.

Ohh well, we knew the winning streak couldn't last forever.

Heartiest congrats to Angel Berroa however, who hit his first home run since May 26th.

Today the Royals face an uphill battle, taking on All-Star Roy Halladay (11-2, 3.02 ERA). If only we could have had Mark Redman squaring off against him instead of pitching on thursday! The Royals counter with new-father Jimmy Gobble (3-1, 3.66 ERA) who's making his third start of the season.

Gigantic game for the Royals today, who need to grab another win to really make those "the Royals have gone ---- in the last ---- games" kind of sentences sound better.