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Game 114 Open Thread- Red Sox at Royals

Strictly by the numbers, the Royals had about a 25% chance of winning the game as we hit the 9th last night. Considering the players and teams involved, you can probably drop that down to about 10-15% chance. We all know how the game turned out...
The Royals have a golden opportunity to do something special tonight with a sweep of the Red Sox. The Red Sox send noted smug loudmouth Curt Schilling (14-4, 3.78 ERA) to the mound against, umm, noted fat man Runelyvs Hernandez (2-7, 8.54 ERA).

Not the best odds, but we've already overcome alot this week, so who knows...

There's more port chilling a little in the fridge and I eagerly await another chance to be relevant. According to BP's Playoff Odds Report the Red Sox are down to a 17% chance of winning the division, in part thanks to us. Also, be sure to check out the Second Half Numbers Report below.