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Games 116 & 117 Open Thread- Royals (41-74) at Indians (50-64)

The Royals face a tough task today, charged with two games against a Cleveland offense thats one of the strongest in the game. This, after three games against the Red Sox.

In game one we're treated to another epic fat man matchup between C.C. Sabathia (8-8, 3.43 ERA) and our man Odalis Perez (0-0, 7.00 ERA as a Royal).

The second game features the third act in the Jorge de la Rosa Experience. We all know how keen on Jorge Moore is, and he's been rewarded with one good start and one truly awful one. Hence, the 8.59 ERA.

I'm predicting a split, just because thats what happens. The second game could be very long and very high-scoring, especially if de la Rosa struggles.