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Nightmare in Cleveland

The Royals know how to reward our enthusiasm.

Following an uplifting sweep of the Red Sox at the K, the Royals turned around and punched their fans in the stomach with three straight 1-run losses, which were nicely followed up with a 13-0 loss.

After one inning it was 11-0.

But the game was closer than the score indicated, for those final 8 frames the Royals were only outscored 2-0, which means, in a way, they also gifted their fans with one more close loss.

Luke Hudson's ERA entering the game was 4.65, when he left, it was 6.39. In short, he went from vaguely interesting and heartwarming to just another Royal pitching adventure in about 45 minutes. Thanks to Hudson, the Indians first inning featured more hits than the Royals would muster all day. More grand slams too.

The Front Office can probably cancel that Gospel of Luke cross promotion with the Christian group of the day right about now.

Just when you thought it was safe to look at the standings, our Royals fall back to the inner core of the Earth's crust at: 41-77. Luckily, those pesky Pirates are only at 45-73, so there's still an outside shot at having the 29th best record in baseball. Perhaps the Mayor of Olathe should call the Mayor of Pittsburgh and arrange one of those lame as hell bets... Umm, if the Royals win more games we'll send you a basket of hay and if the Pirates win more, you send us a 65-year old Union pensioner or something.

But really, its about the fans. Your Team. Your Town. Frankly, I'm just glad Sluggggger wasn't there to see it.

And so it goes. Onto Chicago and to another team thats playing well. I'm literally countdown the hours till Adam Bernero's second start as a Royal on Wednesday night.