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Game 119 Open Thread- Royals (41-77) at White Sox (70-46)

Remember when these teams had similar talent levels? In 2003 the White Sox went 86-76, finishing three games ahead of a Royals team that went 83-79. The season ended with a four-game set at the K, which began with a 7-3 Royals win. After that game both teams stood at 83-76. From there, the White Sox won the next three games to finish the season, including an 11-2 win and a 19-3 win. The three game losing streak to end the season was actually one of the longer meltdowns that 2003 team had, as their longest losing streak of the season was only 4 games.

In 2004 the White Sox went 83-79, while the Royals collapsed to 58-104. 2005 harkened the birth of a dominant White Sox team that went 99-63, while the Royals went 56-106, again setting a new team record for losses.

And here we are in 2006, 29 wins behind the White Sox already. Through 118 games the 2005 Royals were 38-80, so we're still ahead of last season's "pace" at a stellar 41-77.

Meanwhile, the debate continues on Buddy Bell... "Jbrocato" brings up a good point: does it really do Frank White any favors to tie him to this sinking ship? Well, maybe not. But he clearly wants the job/chance, to say nothing of the pay increase...

Tonight's game features All-Star Mark Redman (7-6, 5.49 ERA) against the not as old as he seems Jon Garland (he's already made 181 starts, 4 more than Redman in his career) at the Cell.

Does anyone else feel another 10-game losing streak coming on?