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Game 120 Open Thread- Royals (41-78) at White Sox (71-46)

Losers of 5 straight the Royals look to rebound tonight against the White Sox at the Cell.

A few notes:

-The Royals have lost their last two games by a combined score of 25-2.

-Through 119 games the 2005 Royals were 38-81, and were in the midst of the epic 19-game losing streak. Game 119 was loss #18 in a row. Even with a modest 5-game loser, the 2006 edition is only 3 games ahead of that pace.

-According to BP's Playoff Odds Report our boys are cruising towards a 57-105 record.

-The Royals have the highest team ERA in baseball at 5.82. No one else is even close. 29th place is the Orioles at 5.42 (yaaa Mazzone!) and 28th is Tampa at 5.01. The Royals are essentially one run per game worse than even the worst teams in baseball (the 20-28 range). Good stuff.

-In that vein, the Royals are still dead last in strikeouts as well. The Royals' total of 627 Ks is 51 behind the 29th best team, Colorado.

-As "loyal2theroyals" notes, Z' Greinke has reeled off a few nice starts in AA Wichita. If anyone has proved that its tough to project pitchers, its Greinke. I tend to think he should be shut down fairly soon, saving some mileage on his arm. Then again, I've basically been saying that since 2004.

Tonight's game features the larger than life, somewhat monster-looking-like Runelyvs Hernandez (2-7, 8.15 ERA). In his career, Run has a 7.04 ERA in 4 starts at the Cell.

The White Sox counter with the strange Javier Vasquez (11-6, 5.13 ERA). It should be a magical night.