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Game 121 Open Thread- Royals (42-78) at White Sox (71-47)

'Cause I count my blessings
I don't count my faults

-Joe Ely, "West Texas Waltz"

Its amazing what an occasional win can do. The Royals recent 5-game losing streak was about as terrible as these things can be: three straight close losses followed by 13-0 and 12-2 smackdowns. And yet, we wake up today winners, inspired by the heroic performance of Runelyvs Hernandez (7.2 IP 8Hs, 3BBs 5Ks and 2 earned runs). Thanks to his efforts, the Royals grabbed win #42 and Fatelyvs lowered his ERA to 7.49 and rightfully grabbed boyfriend of the day status.

And the haters said we'd miss Scott Elarton!

At the plate, Emil Brown and Mark Teahen powered the Royals with epic homers that reaffirmed the glory of the human spirit. With a power-punch of Teahen and Brown, the Royals middle of the order has 25 homers between the two of them. I don't know what scares pitchers more, the speed of Joey Gathright or that strength.

As South Side Sox said, "punk'd".

Brother blog South Side Sox is taking the loss hard as well they should.

It's just frustrating that the Sox seem to play so well against the best teams in baseball, yet currently account for 12 percent of the Royals' win total.


We need to do this 21 more times to avoid 100 losses, which admittedly, ranks with Italy's "not switching sides for the third straight World War" and the eternal struggle between Chili's, Applebee's, TGI Friday's and Bennigan's for the best casual-dining restaurant, as a goal better left unstated. Still, its something, and given that la familia Glass has already secured their tax monies (their equivalent of winning the World Series) everyone's better served by some sort of finish line, if only for the chance it affords Buddy Bell one last chance to address the team in a quasi-inspirational way, perhaps evoking his magical pursuit of 82 wins with the 2000 Rockies.

Tonight we're gifted with a second helping of Adam Bernero (0-1, 10.57 ERA) who allowed only 1 run in 5.2 IP in his Royals' debut.

It should be a fantastic evening of baseball.