More Berroa hating

Over his last 16 games, Berroa is .135/.145/.250

Amazingly, that rancid SLG includes a double, triple and HR.

He also has 4 errors and at least 1 ridiculously bad sacrifice attempt, possibly more (I was out of town recently and didn't get to see him "play").

Out of all AL SS with more than 50 ABs over their last 20 games, he is last in OPS by 75 points. BJ Upton is second to last, which I am sure won't last long.

Shockingly, he has only grounded into 1 double play. I wonder how many he'd hit into if he didn't strike out so much.

Out of the 105 AL players with 50 or more ABs over the last 20 games, Berroa is last in:

2nd to last in:

3rd to last in:

To my surprise, there are 6 guys SLG worse than Devil.

But, to me, there are none worse than my main man DEVIL BERROA!

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