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Game 122 Open Thread- Royals (43-78) at White Sox (71-48)

I'm on the road again today, so I apologize for the lack of hard-hitting Royals insight this week. Luckily, the Royals are doing us proud once again, battling back from a losing streak to post consecutive victories over the Sox.

Beyond the news that the Royals have extended/resigned the contract of Grudz, last night was all about the pitching of Bernero and the offensive onslaught of the Royals. Bernero went 6 innings, and allowed no runs. He's now the owner of 0.77 ERA as a Royal (2 starts) and a 5.93 ERA on the season. Considering he started at 36.00 when he joined the team, thats good to see.

Bernero's been everything -- performance wise -- that other pickups like Etherton, Perez and de la Rosa haven't been. At least for now.

Last night was so wonderful that even Reggie Sanders had a good game, ripping two doubles. Thanks to the 2-5, Reggie raised his OBP on the season to a square .300. Just another 100 points and he'd be useful!

While you contemplate today's finale at the Cell, be sure to check out "More Berroa hating" by berroa is the devil. Terrible/hilarious stuff. Hey, when we're winning, it all seems funny. And imagine how Sox fans must feel. Even getting a split with the Royals is a total failure for them.

Today's getaway game features a matchup I have been waiting for all my life. Odalis Perez (0-0, 5.40 ERA as a Royal) looks to build on a fairly decent start over the weekend against Cleveland (2 ER in 6IP). Countering for the White Sox is the not-very-good Mark Buehrle (9-10, 4.87 ERA) who has enjoyed a 7.94 ERA since the All-Star break.

I'm pretty excited because I'll be driving across the Rust Belt today and should be able to pickup White Sox baseball on the radio.

Let the spoiling continue.

p.s. "JQ" has a great rundown of the contract situation of the Roster thats also worth a looksie.