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Royals Once Again Affirm the Human Spirit

Thats how you bank wins on a mythical quest for a 99-loss season. Despite being absolutely owned by the A's this decade, the Royals rebounded from a tight loss in Chicago to sweep a double-header on Friday night. Amazingly, on a day that saw Luke Hudson and Jorge de la Rosa each start a game, the Royals only surrendered 4 runs over 18 innings. As you may recall, yours truly predicted 20 runs as a possible outcome.

Hudson went 7 strong, allowing just one run (which came in the first inning); while Jorge left a bit earlier, but with equal success. Game Two weirdly hinged on Burgos' 3 innings of work, which despite his allowance of 2 runs, also saved the team from further indignities, and on the whole, wasn't even that bad anyway.

Offensively, both games were something like true team efforts, with Shealy and Teahen grabbing "Boyfriend of the Day" honors.

Random Saturday Notes:

-Despite some nice pitching recently, the Royals still rank dead last in team ERA in the Majors, at a salty 5.71. Still, they're creeping on Baltimore, who now sits at 5.34. No one else is over 5.00.

-As for the strikeouts, we're still dead last as well. Royal pitchers have managed only 659 Ks this season, which is 44 behind the next closest teams, the Indians and Cardinals (wow) who own 703.

-Luke Hudson is now 8th on the team in innings pitched at 57.2. Passing Joel Peralta (56.0) and Elmer Dessens (54) last night.

(Moment of silence for Elmer Dessens as a Royal.)

- The Royals are currently 28th in attendance in baseball, with an average of 17,649 a game. The Royals are the lowest drawing non-Florida team in baseball.

-Jenn Sterger is at it again, working on a ringtone and cell phone wallpaper deal. I'm quite worried this will lower the quality of her writing. I'm sure is also concerned.

Today's game has all the makings of a classic. An affirmation of the power of man to rise to greatness. Two All-Stars take the mound at the K. Some goof named Barry Zito who I believe throws a curveball and the illustrious, unparalleled, Mark Redman (7-7, 5.93 ERA). After deserving to start the All-Star Game with a strong July, Redman's had a tough time in August, owning a 10.13 ERA in three Augustan starts.