Breaking down Dayton's player moves to date

In case anyone is interested in my long winded break down of the player moves under Dayton Moore, well read away.  I'm using my so dubbed "kabbalistic like ratings system" to break down the trades here:

Rating Established Players
25 =    A good major league player not older than 32 years.  A player who could start for almost any team and will contribute this year and, barring injury, for several more years.

10 =    A player who will probably be on a major league roster for the next two years.  A "journeyman."  All such players have potential, but it is doubtful they will ever be more than secondary players on a good MLB team.

5 =     A player who will be probably be with a major league club for significant time during the next two years.  A stop gap AAA filler.  All such players have the dim light of potential, but they in all likelihood will never win an MLB starting job on a non-Kansas City area team.

(+2 for every year under 28.  -2 for every year over 32.)

Rating Prospects
30 =     An "A" prospect playing at the AA or AAA level.

10 =     A "B" prospect playing at the AA or AAA level, or an "A" at below AA level.

5 =    A "C" prospect playing at AA or AAA level.  A "B" prospect playing below AA level.

1 =    Everyone else.

(+2 for every year under 25.  -2 for every year over 27)

I like this system because it rewards the really good players, while valuing roster fillers much lower.  It is not too difficult for MLB teams to find roster filler players.  The trick is to find those few real talents who can turn the team into a contender.
The story of Dayton:

(+5) Acquired Wellemeyer on Waivers - I think Wellemeyer fits in a bit above a AAA stop gap filler, but well below a legitimate MLB caliber player (+6).  The only cost was the roster spot (-1).  No age adjustment.

(+5) Acquired Brandon Duckworth - Essentially the same as above except Duckworth is a starter rather than a reliever, and a bit older.

(+6) J.P. Howell for Gathright - This is a trickier trade.  Howell no longer qualifies as a rookie, but I think I should treat him as a prospect.  I'm going with a B- in his case (+9).  He is only 23 so (+4).  He was a nice catch for the Rays.  Gathright couldn't be seen as a prospect when he was acquired, too much time in the major leagues already (over 400 at bats).  But his age (24) and his poor but hopefully improving play in all aspects of the game seem to dictate that the Royals see him more as a prospect pick-up.  I am going (+11) here with a whopping (+8) for age.   I hope I'm right on this one.  It was a real talent for talent swap and could go either way.

(-4) Gotay for Keppinger - I'm tempted to just say "who cares?," but just for the exercise.  I'll call Gotay a "C-" prospect at AAA (+4) who gets an age bump (+4).  Keppinger is also a "C-" prospect (+4) but is three years older.  Looks like a looser, but again, who really cares on this one.

(-2) MacDougal for Lumsden and Cortes - Big one here.  MacDougal was a solid reliever.  He is coming off injury, and has been inconsistent at times in his carrer, but I see him as a clearly above average major league player who is not so old that it is a factor in his value.  (+30).  Lumsden is a real prospect, but one that still needs to develop an additional pitch and prove himself at the AAA level and who also has a history of arm troubles.  I'll go B prospect on him (+10).  23 years old (+4).  Cortez is no throw in to this deal, he is also a prospect.  I'd go so far as to call him a B- prospect, but one pitching at "A" level ball (+4).  That said, the kid is only 19 years old, and could really pan out (+10).  In the end, I'm a bit down on this trade because MacDougall was still at least two years removed from free agency, and I really liked him stabilizing the chaos that is the Royals bullpen.  But he did bring in good value.  Close call.

(+15) Dessens for Perez, Johnson and Pimentel (and $8M) - Dessens was a just fine major league reliever (+25), a bit old (-4).  Loosing him hurt the team this year, and since he was signed through next year at a reasonably low price, it hurts a bit more.  Perez is the wildcard here.  I'd have to call him more of a journeyman now than a MLB regular, but one that is not too removed from real success (+13).  He is a man who has pitched himself out a solid role on his team, but who was too expensive to just cut loose.  No age adjustment.  Blake Johnson is a good "B-" prospect, but one pitching at high A ball only (+5).  Young and promising (+8).  Julio Pimentel is much harder to project and I would go no more than call him a "C" prospect at high A ball (+2), but also a nice mix of potential and youth (+8).  The bag of cash the Dodgers threw in makes the trade an even money swap so that is not a factor.  In the end, a big win for KC here.  Really very good trade.  Dodgers are so flush with prospect they can afford to be generous, even when realistically speaking their season is a lost one.

(+7) Graffanino for de la Rosa - Graff was good but also not signed for next year, so his value was very low to a Royals team that will not advance this year.  I'll rate he and Stairs out at 10% of their actual value (-2).  De la Rosa can be thought of as no more than a stop gap filler at this point, and not a good one either (+3), but he is young (+6).  

(+2) Stairs for Diaz - We all loved Matty "Cup Cakes" Stairs because he gave all us old expanding men hope.  But, he was not signed through next year.  I hope the Royals throw a bit of money at him and bring him back to the clubhouse next year.  That is a fan's wish, not a smart GM move. (-2).  Diaz is impossible to project.  A not-so-young-anymore man at AA and AAA ball this year with a live arm but one that only randomly directs the ball towards the strike zone.  I'll go a "C-" prospect on him but that might be generous (+4).  No age help coming his way either.

(+9) Affeldt and Bautista to Shealy and Dohmann - I already broke this down in my earlier post. Affeldt = 11 (low end journeyman at this point 9 points +2 for age);
Bautista = 8 (4 for C- prospect at this point, +4 for age) - for - Shealy = 18 (20 for B+ prospect who is over achieving.  -2 age adjustment); Dohmann = 10 (journeyman.  No age adjustment)

So, one man's opinion of the age of Dayton so far:

+10    No risk pick-ups
-4    Low stakes trades
+28    Talent for talent trades NOT pushed by expiring player control
+9    Trade deadline moves pushed by expiring player control

+43     Looks good to me.

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