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Game 107 Open Thread- Sox (63-42) at Royals (37-69)

Despite entering the series with a not-horrible 22-27 home record, the Royals are in danger of being swept by a White Sox team desperately needing wins tonight at the K.

The Royals send Luuuuuke Hudson (3-3, 4.82 ERA) to the mound as the heroic representation of our common dreams. For every homer Luke's allowed (13) he's struck out two men (26 Ks!), so you know he means business. Especially at home, where he owns 5.51 ERA.

The White Sox counter with the struggling Freddy Garcia (10-6, 4.85 ERA) who posted a 5.52 ERA in July.

If you haven't already, check out "loyal2theroyals" Ode to our lost players, easily one of the funnier things ever posted on this site, as well as JQ's analysis of the beginning of the Moore-era.