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Game 126 Open Thread- A's (69-54) at Royals (45-80)

The Royals wrap up their set with the A's this afternoon on what should be a cool day game at the K. Kansas City grabbed loss #80 last night, despite a 2-2 tie heading into the 7th. Redman let the first two men on, then made an error, setting off a horrible chain of events.

Still, with two outs it was only 4-2, but Buddisimo brought in Andy Sisco who promptly allowed a double-single combination which effectively ended the game.

Here's a shocking number. According to BP's Reliever's Wins Added numbers, Sisco has been the 624th "best" relief pitcher in baseball. Sisco has been worth nearly a full loss (-.799) which is remarkable for a guy who usually only pitches in short spurts. 624th? Hey, that means he also is better than 15 guys.

Today its Runelvys Hernandez (3-7, 7.49 ERA) against Kirk Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarloos (5-6, 4.77 ERA). Am I the only one who has a perpetual hard time remembering if guys named "Kirk" are not maybe "Kurt"?

In August Run' has an ERA of 6.52 which is his lowest total since a one-start April slate of 1.29. Still, in a broader view, he's been consistently bad: 7.44 ERA before the break, 7.53 after.