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Giving Up on Runelyvs

It isn't as if we have made a habit of counting on Runelyvs Hernandez or anything, still, yesterday's 6-4 loss to the A's was an annoying one. Whatever we may think of his attitude, commitment, dedication and the like, Runelyvs simply isn't in command of the most basic aspect of his job: a sustained ability to avoid baserunners. Since he's always dealing with men on base, his innings never end and the pitch count soars.

Not good for a guy who's most recognizable attribute is his heft.

But again, if you were counting on him anyways, the onus is on you, not him. Runelyvs has a 7.50 ERA this year and its not going down. He's 28, has pitched just short of 400 innings (397) in a Royal uniform and has a career ERA of 5.45.

What, exactly, is his upside potential that we're even looking forward to? A return to his 4.61 ERA in 2003?

The strange thing is that he's getting killed on BAA.

Runelyvs Hernandez BAA:

2003- .249
2005- .277
2006- .330

Per DIPS Theory, you can grant him a fair amount of bad luck for this year's .330 average allowed. BAA's tend to gravitate toward the high .290s over time. And, you can also probably note a poor Royals defense behind him the last few seasons. Nevertheless, even when he wasn't allowing a .330 average, he still wasn't a good pitcher.

As a true Royal, he's walked more guys than he's struck out (35-33), which is always a recipe for failure and he's allowed 17 homers in just 14 starts.

The fast start of 2003 is a mirage that we'll never see again.