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Game 127 Open Thread- Indians (56-67) at Royals (45-81)

It was rather nice having a day off from the Royals yesterday, despite whatever demrits the Monday itself carried. While the A's were at least a contending team that the Royals could possibly aggravate, the prospect of a Indians-Royals tilt just doesn't quite cut the mustard. Moreover, as any French and Indian or Revolutionary War buff knows, the Royals and the Indians often got along.

Tonight's tilt features start #5 by Odalis Perez (4-5, 6.42 ERA) in a Royal uniform. The pickup of Perez is still something I can't quite figure out, although it was only a part of the larger Elmer Dessens and random live arms deal. Still, something of a head-scratcher, considering Perez is horrible and has an established track record of being a pill. Sure, there's the ethos of "this guy can't be this bad forever" which must be spoken for, but that only partially obscures the fact that he is an established loser. Ohh well, there's always the ex-Braves angle, which Seth Etherton and Bobby Keppel couldn't manage.

Odalis (which sounds like either a virility drug or a sedan) faces off against the two-first-named Cliff Lee (10-8, 4.61 ERA).

And, what a shock! He's from Arkansas!!

Tonight's game will be etched in my mind for years to come.