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Game 127 Open Thread- Indians (56-68) at Royals (46-81)

How many times are we gonna face Paul Byrd this year? Our boys face Byrd for the 5th time tonight at the K. In 24 innings pitched against the Royals, Byrd has a 6.38 ERA thanks to an absurd BAA of .330. The Royals have only homered off Byrd twice, and have only walked 6 times (he's only K'ed 7). So all in all, its been a balls-in-play fest for the boys in blue against Byrdie.

The Royals counter with George of the Rose (1-1 5.89 ERA). Jorge's still only made 4 starts as a Royal, though sometimes it seems like he's been around forever.

Finally, I hope to get another radio affiliate profile up in the next few days. In the meantime, Teahen offers his words of advice.

I enjoyed this bit of commentary:

I was tabbed as a good prospect coming out of the A's organization before coming to Kansas City in the Carlos Beltran deal. But you don't want to be considered a prospect for too long. At some point, you've got to figure it out at the Major League level.

No mention of his recent B.O.D. award. Also, don't forget to vote in the latest poll, authored by Grudz69, "can we get 50 wins by the end of the month"?