B.O.D: Boyfriend of the Day August 22nd

Well well we are again. Win number 46. I'm astounded. As a note to some of our newer readers, this is a tradition that I started (stolen from about a month or so ago. When the Royals win, I win. I get a boyfriend of the day! A B.O.D. will usually be the player that I think exerted the most force or proved their ability the greatest on the field. Sometimes I go into how great they played, other times I leave it as blank as the inside of President Bush's mind. Depends on my mood. I've also taken to picking a smitten kitten...which is basically coming in a close second. So there we go. BOD explained in a short little paragraph. Enjoy!

Also, here is a quick hello and pointing to *loyal2s dad* as he is my legit father (as far as I know). Crazy random and I can't believe he didn't tell me he had gotten on here!

And who else do we choose but everyone's favorite boyfriend...Mark Teahen!

Alaskan baseball?!?

I don't feel like looking up stats for a smitten we'll go with Burgos for not effing it up tonight.

a batch of brownies to whoever guesses who he's with in the photo!

Boyfriend Count
Mr. T: 5
Grudz: 1
Holy Child: 1
Gluemeister: 1
Minky: 1
All Star: 1
Johnny (buck, not cash): 1
Brownie: 1
The Skipper: 1
Reg-gie: 1
Fat Man (elvys, not stairs): 1
Shealy: 1

Smitten Kitten Count
Mr. T: 3
Shealy: 2
Gazelle: 1
B-error-a: 1
The Skipper: 1
Fat Man: 1
El Capitan (Sweeney): 1
Burgos: 1

Scrub of the Year


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