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Game 128 Open Thread- Indians (57-68) at Royals (46-82)

Its the rubber-game to end all rubber games tonight at the K as the Royals look to avenge last night's historic, incredible and utterly awful meltdown against the Indians.

Dan Burch of Stats put it thus:

Kansas City became the first team in 17 years to score 10 runs in an inning and lose, and it was the largest lead blown in a loss by the Royals in franchise history.

The Royals turn to noble All-Star Mark Redman (7-8, 5.79 ERA) to turn things around. Thanks to a generic 2 earned run performance against Oakland earlier this week, Redman lowered his post-ASB ERA to 6.80. Of course, the 3 unearned runs that don't exist on his tally also help.

Meanwhile the Indians place their series fate in the hands of C.C. Sabathia (8-8, 3.29 ERA) who is in something like his 20th year as an Indian.

Did you know? Thanks to two blazing hot days at the plate, Mark Teahen has raised his season line just bunches??

Teahen on August 21: .287/.361/.519
Teahen on August 23: .302/.375/.544

Remember, on May 4th when he was demoted he was at .195/.241/.351. He's basically been peak-level Paul Molitor for the last three months. He even leads the team in steals.