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Game 130 Open Thread- Royals (46-83) at Jays (67-60)

Reggie Sanders is done for the year, breaking the hearts of those who still hoped for a late-season waiver deal sending him to someplace other than KC. Taking his place on the 25-man roster is Justin Huber, Shane Costa, Jeff Keppinger.

Keppinger's a Moore "get" you see, so its natural to replace an ailing slugger who's supposedly a source of power with the second coming of Joe McEwing. The treatment of Huber is essentially comical at this point, so its almost beyond talking about. Clearly, there's a disconnect here, and who's to say that the Royals might just know something that no one else knows. All I know is that he's hitting in Omaha. What? The organization has the depth to ignore a .286/.371/.497 line?

Beyond that, there's the business at hand, namely, playing out the string, which means the show must go on. If Moore's early gambit in the Keppinger-Gotay challenge trade derby screws Justin Huber one more time, so be it. There are still 32 games left to play.

Tonight, its a date with the Blue Jays, as Luke Hudson (6-4, 5.77 ERA) goes for win #7.